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Facts about Fruit Infused Water And Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Retail fruit infused waters contain a lot of additives, preservatives and empty calories that are unhealthy. Making your own infused water will improve the flavor with a number of health benefits. Having your own fruit  infused water bottle is like having your own ‘vitamin water’ without the cost or hidden ingredients found in store bought infused waters. Nutritionist estimate that ...

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Maintain A Healthy Gut With Yacon Syrup

Yacon Syrup

A healthy gut is essential for a healthy body. A lot of focus is bestowed on various parts of the body, both internal and external, but not many people focus as much on their gastrointestinal health. Eating or getting nutrition and energy from foods is as much a basic necessity for life as is breathing. It is important that you ...

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The Advantages Of Wearing Copper Knee Sleeves

Copper Knee Sleeve

A copper knee sleeve is among several wearable items used to treat and prevent knee injuries. While there has been serious debates about them, with some even relegating their effectiveness in treating injuries to a placebo effect, there is no doubt that athletes and others have found relief while wearing them. As a matter of fact, there are several advantages ...

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What To Look For In The Best Kinesiology Tape For Best Results

Kinesiology Tape

Life is about movement. Indeed, various studies will show that people who indulge in an active lifestyle often live more rewarding and fulfilling lives. With that said, whether you are an athlete or a weekend warrior, you will be motivated to keep moving in order to produce top performances and achieve your highest fitness goals. However, injuries and irritations can ...

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