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Cutting up Stuff in the Kitchen Was a Constant Struggle Until I Found These

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Preparing delicious meals has always been a favorite thing for me to do ever since I learned how to cook at a tender age. After all, I am what you would call a ‘foodie’ and I love to see the looks of delight on my family’s face when they are enjoying my meals.
There is just one thing that has bugged me whenever I get into the kitchen to prepare a masterpiece; cutting up stuff with knives that refuse to stay sharp. Ugh! Whether I’m slicing up meats, dicing vegetables or chopping up herbs, I like when my knives make light work of everything. Having to apply extra pressure to get the job done is too stressful on my hands, and constantly sharpening my stainless steel knives can get quite tedious.
Don’t even let me get started on those expensive knife sets that claim to be self-sharpening. While I have heard a few success stories, they have been a waste of money for me so far. Another thing that I encountered in the kitchen from time to time was getting cut on the fingers after accidentally touching a knife blade. You will agree that getting cut while cooking is terrible; not only does it make doing other stuff awkward, it also limits your actions as you try to keep that finger out of water and away from substances that can make it sting or even get infected.

Despite all those struggles with knives – and I have been through many – that did not keep me out of the kitchen. As I said before, I love cooking and if it meant having to sharpen my knives every few days and end up replacing them before they have reached their so-called ‘lifetime warranty,’ so be it.
Yup, I was prepared to continue with my knife dilemma and I had even accepted that it was a part of life. That is, until a friend of mine got me a 3-piece ceramic knife set from Star Infiniti as a gift last Christmas. Not only was I pleasantly surprised by the eye-catching colors of their handles – red, green and orange – I was impressed by the fact that they came in three different sizes and had sheaths to protect the blades and keep me from getting cut accidentally. I’m not sexist but I was convinced that these had to have been made by a woman!
Before receiving the set, I had never even heard of ceramic knives (and no, I haven’t been living under a rock), so I must say that I was a bit skeptical at first. However, once I started using them I was impressed by their sharpness and the fact that they didn’t get dull. It’s been several months now and I have been using them almost every day, yet they have stayed just as sharp as the first time I got them.

I did some research and found that ceramic knives might be better for my health as they do not absorb food particles. One article I read suggested that metal knives carried a possibility of absorbing substances and then passing them on to other food items when you use them to cut again.
Another thing that I loved about the ceramic knife set from Star Infiniti is the fact that it comes with bonuses. I got five free recipe books and two packs of cutting board grips. The grips make cutting up food effortless as they keep the board in place, and I have been able to expand my meal range with the 35 recipes featured in the recipe books.
I know my experience with regular knives is not unique. In fact, you might be reading this and wondering how to get your hands on one of these sets. Well, luckily you can find them on Amazon. So far, they have racked up an impressive number of five-star reviews, so you can try them out in confidence. Plus, they come with a 30-day money back guarantee. I have started enjoying the kitchen once more. I hope you will too.

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