Monitoring My Baby’s Fever by A Baby Thermometer Especially at Night Was a Pain in the Butt Until I Got This | Mill House Natural Foods

Monitoring My Baby’s Fever by A Baby Thermometer Especially at Night Was a Pain in the Butt Until I Got This

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Ever since I had a baby, I have been a total worrier especially when it comes to my kid’s health. What I am always avoiding is to disturb her while she is at sleep because her growth can be compromised. When she has a fever, monitoring her temperature by using an ordinary baby thermometer was a pain in the butt. I could not avoid not waking her up because the thermometer needs to be put in her armpit, needs a direct contact from her body. That is where all the fuzziness come from, adding up inconvenience because I need to turn on the lights to see the temperature.

Another big thing that scares me is that, the thermometer is not accurate.I need to put on the device three times so that I can get a consistent temperature. I promised myself if I am going to buy another thermometer, I will look for only the best one. I spent a lot of time in the internet, looking for some solutions and I found out from a forum of parents that there’s a baby ear thermometer that is non-contact and can accurately read temperature. At first, I was skeptic. How can a device get a temperature without touching the body? I looked for some ear thermometer online and to my surprise most of it was very expensive. As a parent of 3 boys, I want to stick to my budget and get the best at the same time. digital baby thermometer

Then, I researched some more and found out on Amazon, the Just-Brill DigiThermo Baby Ear Thermometer, a device that uses an infrared technology.I was over-joyed that I finally got the solution to my problem. The infrared technology gets the body temperature with a non-contact method. Amazing! I don’t need to wake up my baby while monitoring her temperature. It also has a low audible ‘beep’ sounds when temp is ready. The blue backlight of the digital thermometer makes nighttime reading a breeze for me, no need to turn on the light and wake my baby.

It is not only suitable for babies but also for kids and adults too. I can use it to my whole family, so it is a big savings for me. I ordered it online and it arrived after 3 days. I used it right away and got 3 consistent readings. I am convinced instantly that it gives accurate temperature.

Getting this baby ear thermometer is a blessing. I can finally be worry-free! To top it all off, this ear thermometer is FDA-approved and comes with a full lifetime guarantee

If you need an accurate, quick-read, non – contact and high technology baby thermometer, you should consider getting aJust Brill DigiThermo Baby Ear Thermometer on Amazon at a pretty reasonable price. Get it today…thank me later.

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