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Monitoring My Blood Pressure Was a Pain in the Butt Until I Got This

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Ever since I was diagnosed with high blood pressure a few years ago, keeping track of it was always a tedious task. If not knowing it could spike at any time wasn’t bad enough, accuracy was also a big concern for me.

With this in mind, I spent a lot of time going back and forth between the doctor’s office and the local grocery store, sometimes several times per week. At first, I considered my actions as necessary; after all, if I wanted to make sure my blood pressure wasn’t spiking, I would have to be prepared to do whatever it takes, right? However, checking my blood pressure soon became a hassle and a pressure unto itself.

sphygmomanometerTo test my blood pressure, I either just waited until I got a doctor’s appointment or I went to the local grocery store and they had one at the front of the store.

The problem with waiting for a doctor’s appointment is sometimes they are pretty far apart from each other so who knows what is happening between the time of the appointments. So, that was just not a smart way to monitor it and keep on top of any issues.

The problem with going to the grocery store is that there is always someone else on it, most of the time kids playing on it. The kids playing on it is pretty annoying and awkward, do I tell them to get off the machine? One time I told some kids it’s not a toy and they should not be playing on it, then their mother came and gave me a dirty look as if I was doing something wrong. I would rather just not deal with that.

So, I asked my doctor to recommend a good blood pressure monitor that I could use at home and take with me when I travel. Home monitoring was, in fact, a good idea; even the American Heart Association endorses it, so I was convinced I was heading in the right direction. Yes, my issues with keeping my blood pressure in check were about to get solved…or so I thought.

I was relieved when I received my first home monitor a few days later and proceeded to check my blood pressure. I got it right the first time and was overjoyed that it worked just as well as the one my doctor used.

But that joy was short-lived. After a few uses, it dawned on me that I was experiencing the same level of discomfort I had experienced at the doctor’s office and pharmacy. Why? Well, it was the same manual set-up, which had to be strapped to my arm and pumped. That apparatus hurts my arms and it was so big and bulky. The size of it is not convenient for travel, and I travel a lot for my job and it takes up half of my carryon bag!

Nonetheless, I put up with my manual blood pressure monitor for several months until I saw a friend of mine using a digital wrist monitor. I instantly fell in love and asked her where she got it, even though I had heard that digital machines were prone to giving inaccurate readings. Anyway, she told me where she bought it and I hurriedly became the proud owner of a shiny new wrist blood pressure monitor a day later.

This time, it was a digital blood pressure machine made by Just Brill and came with a little traveling case and its own batteries, along with detailed instructions.

digital blood pressure machineIt measured everything that mattered, including the pulse, and it had a large LCD screen that displayed readings clearly. It was the first I was seeing one like this and what was even more impressive was that it could store up to 60 readings! I mean, I didn’t even know that a blood pressure monitor could do cool stuff like that.

I decided to try it for a week and see what happened. That was six months ago and, today, I am happy to report that it’s one of the best things to happen to me in a long while.

Using the Just Brill Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a breeze. It attaches to my wrist comfortably (please note it has to fit properly to work its magic), and records my blood pressure in a jiffy. It’s highly accurate too – I have checked it against my old manual monitor a few times as well as from the occasional doctor’s visit to make sure – and I can always compare readings using the cool memory recall feature.

To top it all off, this digital blood pressure monitor is FDA-approved and comes with a full lifetime guarantee. I am always on top of my blood pressure due to this nifty device, so I don’t have to worry about falling victim to the ‘silent killer’ anymore.

If you need to monitor your blood pressure, you should consider getting a Just Brill Digital Blood Pressure Machine available on Amazon at a pretty reasonable price. Get it today…thank me later.

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