Popular Blog Features DigiThermo Baby Ear Thermometer as a Blessing to Worried Moms | Mill House Natural Foods

Popular Blog Features DigiThermo Baby Ear Thermometer as a Blessing to Worried Moms

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A popular blog, Mill House Natural Foods, recently published a post featuring Just Brill’s DigiThermo Baby Ear Thermometer. The blog post offers a solution to moms or parents who worry about disturbing their sleeping babies when monitoring their body temperature. The post is titled “Monitoring My Baby’s Fever by A Baby Thermometer Especially at Night Was a Pain in the Butt Until I Got This” and was published in September, 2016.

The writer and mother found a high-technology baby ear thermometer as stated in the Mill House Natural Foods Blog which solves the problem of disturbing her baby’s sleep while getting the infant’s body temperature especially when having a fever.

Written in the first-person’s voice, the blog post describes the writer’s amusement in finding an easy way to record her infant’s and kids’ body temperature. It also speaks about how worried she was, every time she needed to take her baby’s temperature while sleeping. She said that she didn’t want her infant’s rest to be compromised while monitoring fever symptoms. She mentions also having trouble getting accurate readings in just one check; she usually needed to try it three times to get consistent results when using a previous thermometer.

Those issues were said to be solved when the writer got a Just-Brill DigiThermo Baby Ear Thermometer. Using the thermometer, which has infrared technology, helped her take her child’s temperature without directly contacting the body. Recording the child’s temperature, she says, requires just placing it a few inches away from the ear and flashing the infrared to get a temperature after a few seconds. It provides a quick, accurate reading, which saves her time waiting for the result.

“I was overjoyed that I finally got the solution to my problem. The infrared technology gets the body temperature with a non-contact method. Amazing! I don’t need to wake up my baby while monitoring her temperature. It is not only suitable for babies but also for kids and adults too. I can use it for my whole family, so it is a big savings for me,” said the writer.

Just-Brill’s DigiThermo Baby Ear Thermometer is currently available to online shoppers and can be found on Amazon. It easily adjusts to record temperatures in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. It also includes a long lasting battery that provides up to 4,000 readings and produces low, audible ‘beep’ sounds when recording temperatures. The blue backlight of the digital thermometer makes nighttime reading a breeze, eliminating the need to turn on the light at nights.

The blog post on Mill House Natural Foods invites people who are having problems with monitoring their babies’ or kids’ temperature, especially at night. It is currently available on the giant shopping portal, Amazon.com.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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