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Suitable Blood Pressure Monitor Among Items Required to Help Treat Hypertension Without Pills

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With statistics indicating that well over 16 million Americans who take high blood pressure medication still do not have the disease under control, a number of medical experts suggest using natural treatments to help counter its effects.

In addition to lifestyle changes, including healthier diets, exercise, and meditation, a suitable blood pressure monitor is also recommended for people who decide to treat hypertension without taking pills. A good monitor allows patients to keep track of any changes, up or down, since blood pressure levels can increase or decrease without any warning. Experts also recommend portable monitors that can be used anywhere and anytime for people who do home tests or while on the go.

Just Brill’s DigiPulse, a digital blood pressure monitor available on, is among many that are considered useful to people who want to treat hypertension without taking prescribed drugs. The product comes with a number of features and benefits that help patients keep on top of their blood pressure levels.

For starters, it is rated highly among users for accuracy, once the directions for use are followed. Accuracy is one of the most important attributes a blood pressure monitor can have, as a wrong reading can mean the difference between life and death.

Additionally, the DigiPulse comes with a large LCD display that makes it easy for the reading to be seen, and has a comfortable cuff that is fitted to the wrist by way of a low-noise pump. The blood pressure monitor also comes with a convenient memory-recall feature that allows up to 60 readings to be stored so that users can track and compare readings.

Numerous shoppers on Amazon have given the DigiPulse Wrist Cuff Monitor high praises after using it to keep on top of their hypertension. “Great product, accurate, easy to use & you can bring anywhere you want when travelling. Prompt delivery, great customer service, seller is really nice & they make sure the customer will be satisfied,” said Cfraz, a verified Amazon reviewer.

The blood pressure monitor from Just Brill is among those that are growing in popularity as more people try to treat hypertension naturally. The device is available to shoppers on Amazon and comes with free batteries and a carrying case.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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