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The Benefits of Organic Foods

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Discover the benefits of organic foods not just to humans but to animals and the environment as well.

There was a time when organic foods were not so easy to get but now they are super market aisles alongside conventional foods. Many wonder though why pay the extra dollar for organic foods? Are they worth it and what are their benefits?  Here are some of the numerous benefits of organic foods.

benefits of organic foods

More nutrients- Studies have proven that organic fruits and vegetables have up to 50% more antioxidants, which is believed to be able to cut a person’s risk of having cancer or heart disease. They also contains more vitamins such as iron and zinc.

Recent studies have even proven that persons you eat organic foods have improved immune system, better sleeping habits and are less likely to become over weight than conventional food eaters.

Better taste– Most fruits and vegetables being sold now look good but have no taste. With organic foods however the taste is irresistible. The superior taste of organic foods have caused it to be the preferred choice for most top restaurants. So which would you prefer tasteless foods or foods that you can savor with each bite?

benefits of organic foods

Safer for babies and children– Every good parent wants what’s best for their child. By giving your child organic foods you will be decreasing the amount of toxins in their bodies, thus increasing their chances of getting ill.

No irradiation- The reason why most conventional foods take so long to spoil is because they are irradiated. Irradiation kills bacteria and extend food life. It also however alters the molecular structure and life force of the food. Organic foods on the other hand are pure.

benefits of organic foods

Healthy meat– Organic animals are raised without growth hormones, antibiotics and chemicals. Conventional animals are full of toxins and dirt that are passed to the consumer as the chemicals accumulate in their tissues. Inorganic meat is also proven to be one of the main forms of pollution in the environment. Imagine what all this pollution will do to your body.

Save the environment- Conventional farming practices kill the earth as it uses dangerous pesticides that may take even centuries to go way and it erodes the soil. And since artificial pest controls loses its value over time more and more has to be used or other methods have to be created which may be worse than the previous.

benefits of organic foods

So ask yourself now is it worth it to spend the extra dollar in order to save yourself, the animals and the environment you live in? For me the answer is yes.

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