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My Weight Was Going in the WRONG Direction Until I Started Using These FIVE Things

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It’s a New Year and time for my New Years resolution – guess what? It’s the same as it is every year lol – lose weight…but this time is different. This year I am the heaviest I’ve ever been, tipping the scale at 201 lbs – I am embarrassed to even type that.

I actually started my New Years resolution about a week before Christmas, and I’ve actually lost 12 pounds so far – I am now 189  – Yippee!!

I have to admit it has NOT been easy – I’ve been working my but off to lose that 12 pounds  – but I am seeing results, so it motivates me to keep going – I still have a long way to go!

This is a screen shot of a tracker thing called Higi that I use – its at the local grocery store, Publix.



There has been a few factors that have helped with my weight loss, this is what I do (all of the items below I got on Amazon, my favorite place to shop)

1 Coconut Oil Capsules

I did not want to take any “diet pills” but I wanted something that coconut oil capsuleswould help with my weight loss. I know in the past, I did take diet pills and they made me go to the bathroom, I did lose weight, but I knew it was not the healthy way to do it.

So, I wanted something that was more natural but still was a weight loss supplement, and after lots of research I found it!

I take 3 capsules with each meal every day. Not only does it give me energy, and I just feel better and there as sooo many benefits – hair, nails, skin, weight loss, aging and more – in fact just Google health benefits of Coconut Oil Capsules and you will find lots of info. In fact, here is an article from Dr. Oz.

This is the one I get on Amazon Coconut Oil Capsules



2 – Meal Prep with Microwave Divided Plates

After trying this diet thing so many times, one thing that has REALLY helped is planning my meals ahead of time. The reasons I eat fast food or bad food is because its quick and easy.

microwave coverNow, I cook one time for the entire week and put the portions in my microwave safe plates with lids and stack them in the fridge. So, when it is time to eat, I just take them out of the fridge (with the perfect portion) and put them directly in the microwave – no “thinking” needed – and no extra plate or paper towel to cover – its all pre-done and takes 1 minute to warm up.

Most of the meals are fish and veggies. They are divided plates so one side is fish, the other veggie – super easy. This picture is from the Amazon listing, but it’s basically exactly what I do, but I have an entire shelf in my fridge full of these, I can’t tell you how amazing these little plates. Saves so much time and energy and really keeps you on track …you will really thank me once you get these!

They are also great for my 3 year old daughter, I also plan her meals ahead in them also. They are great when I cook ahead for her if my mother comes over to babysit, she just takes out the plate and warms it up. They are good for anyone, but I have to admit, the portion size is a bit too small for my husband, but no worries, he gets his own food storage containers 🙂

These are lots of options on Amazon, but I got this one because I liked the little bonus containers. I use them for grapes, blueberries and stuff like – Meal Prep with Microwave Divided Plates


3 – Dr. Rosemary’s Weight Loss Detox Tea

A friend of mine suggested this tea, so I gave it a try. I weight loss tearead some of the reviews and to be honest, the negative reviews are stupid – people thinking that they drink tea and loose pounds – and not do anything else is just dumb – it doesn’t work that way lol.

Personally, the way I use it are days that I know I “cheated” on my diet or just ate too many calories for the day. The tea works like a natural laxative, so on my bad days, I drink some at night, go to sleep, wake up in the morning and go to the bathroom, and I feel better already 🙂

It also comes with a Tea Infuser, so you don’t have to worry about having one (I didn’t), it comes with your order.

I love the fact that its organic and “healthy” instead of taking a laxative pill.

Here is the link for it on Amazon – Dr. Rosemary’s Weight Loss Detox Tea  

P.S. I sent an email to Dr.Rosemary asking her some questions about how it works and she replied — You store toxins in your fats cells, as you loose weight your fat cells shrink and the level or concentration of toxicity goes up as a result! That is why it is important to detox when you are losing weight.


4 – Microfiber Quick Dry Towel 

microfiber quick dry towelOne of the things that has really helped is the fact that I am exercising 6 days a week. At first, I hated it – but now it’s just a regular part of my day. In fact, I get stressed out if I DONT exercise.

I joined the local gym, LA Fitness and I go in the morning, take my gym bag and shower at the gym. I’ve done this routine before, but rarely stick to it.

One of the changes in my gym bag that I love is my new microfiber quick dry towel. It folds really small, expands to a regular size towel, and dries really quickly – everything you would want in a gym towel, I love it.

Not only do I use it for the gym, but I have one that I keep in the car and I’ve used it for all sorts of things from traveling with it in my suitcase, a blanket for a picnic at the park, blanket for my daughter and more that I can’t think of right now lol.

I put the picture above to show you the difference in size of the microfiber towel and a regular towel, and when you open it is the same exact size of my regular towel, pretty cool.

Here is the one I got on Amazon – Microfiber Quick Dry Towel 


5 – Lose It Phone App

loseitappOk, so this is the only thing I did not buy on Amazon 🙂 This is a great app that helps you track your food and exercise.

As you can see by the image, I’ve been using it for a VERY long time since 2011.  I had my daughter Feb 2013,  I lost weight after my pregnancy but then you can see a huge spike like a mountain with me gaining weight. Then you see it dropping like a cliff (I like that better). I will celebrate when I get back to the 173 weight, then keep going and lose more.

One thing I learned is that it is simple math. You track your calories, then you exercise. The calories you burn while exercising gets subtracted from your total calories for the day. The goal is to be under target calories for each day and you will lose weight.

My goal was to never go over the amount of calories that was set for my weight and height, I made sure I ate, starving yourself is not the solution. I ate a lot of fish and veggies and protein shakes. Then I spent a minimum of 1 hour exercising.

When I finished at 500 calories or less for the day, I lost weight, if i was even for the day I maintained and if I was over, I gained. That was it. So far its been very predictable.

The key is that you really can’t cheat. It may sound silly, but when you cheat you are only cheating yourself, and you won’t lose any weight.

So, that’s basically the outline of what I do and how I lost that first 12 pounds! I am very excited about this and cant wait to lose the next 12 pounds 🙂


1 – Coconut Oil Capsules – Great organic natural supplement that helps with weight loss with lots of other great benefits

2 – Meal Prep with Microwave Divided Plates – Pre-planning your meals the the perfect portion controlled, covered microwave plates will change your life.  –

3 – Dr. Rosemary’s Weight Loss Detox Tea – Great organic, natural tool to help you on those days that you just ate a little too much or didn’t have time to exercise –

Save 10% when you purchase 2 Organic Weight Loss Detox Tea. Enter code Y7MJIANC at checkout.

4 – Microfiber Quick Dry Towel – Exercise is critical for your weight loss journey, and part of that is being more active. This towel folds small, expands large and dries super quick. –

5. LoseIt Phone App – Great tool to track your food, exercise and stats. Simple and Free.



I hope this was helpful and I wish you the best of luck in your weight loss journey.

If you want a partner for some accountability – join LoseIt and let me know, I will add you as a friend 🙂

Chat soon,


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